Islamorada by Grow Healthy

 makes my life easier, & for that, l love them. I was at my desk one afternoon & realized I’d let my flower supplies get dangerously low. Mix a packed schedule, with not really leaving the house, & I was in a quick panic. But wait! I remembered GrowHealthy’s Trail Blazer program – free, same day delivery in the Orlando area. I promtly placed an order & within 30 minutes, I had a fresh 8th of Islamorda before I even wrapped up my conference call.

I chose Islamorada strictly because of the name. My dad was stationed in the Keys in the Navy, my brother was born there, & I grew up going to Key Largo every weekend. The Keys are dear to my heart, so why wouldn’t I want to try a heavy indica honoring this beloved place??

Choosing cannabis based on the name of the strain doesn’t always go well, but this was a happy exception. Islamorada, which means ‘Purple Isle,’ is a cross between Bubba Kush & Key Lime Mints. It’s the perfect name for this strain as some of the flower is splashed with purple, thanks to the Bubba Kush. This stain leans heavy indica, high in Linalool (lavender), trans-Caryophyllene (pepper), & beta-Myrcene (mango). Oddly, this strain was highest in Limonene (lemon) which is typically uplifting. I love that GrowHealthy has the COA QR code right on the label, & that the COA lists the terpene summary. As a patient it allows me to start learning what terpenes I respond to best. It also shows THC concentration isn’t everything. This batch came in at “only” 16% & it kicked my butt. I’d say this strain is a heavy hitter & not for a novice.

9 LB Hammer was my go to when nothing else would do the trick. When I needed to shut my mind off, & get a good night’s sleep. From now on though, I’ll be grabbing Islamorada. This strain was calming, relaxing, sedating – perfect for a happy hour sunset when my only thought for the rest of the night is what I’m eating for dinner.

@fl_growhealthy just opened another location in Saratota & I highly recommend checking them out. Their flower has been more than impressive & they also have the best RSO on the market (ethanol free so you can add it to your joints for an extra kick).

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