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When I first pulled up to the Liberty Health Sciences dispensary in The Villages, I was a little skeptical. It was in a shopping plaza, and directly next door was a medical marijuana clinic in all it’s glory; complete with pot leaf stickers over the windows and green flashing signs that read “Medical Marijuana Here”. However, once I walked into Liberty Health, I could not have felt more comfortable.

Upon entering the space, the first thing I noticed is it actually smelled like cannabis, which was the best greeting I could get! Unlike other dispensaries I’ve visited, there was little to no waiting room. Instead, I was welcomed by friendly staff that quickly asked for my medical card. While they entered my information, I looked around and took in the space. It was rather nondescript, nothing standing out in a good or bad way. It was clean, the colors were neutral, and I felt like I walked into any regular store. A few minutes later, I was greeted by Josh, who was going to help me with my product selections. Once he realized it was going to more than a quick grab and go, he led me through a waiting area and into a private room. This room was 1 of several. It had glass walls, but they were tinted. It felt private, but not claustrophobic. We immediately sat down at a desk and started talking about what LHS has to offer.

LHS’ message is to #LiveFree. They believe that you should have the power to choose the health care solutions that best fit your needs. Their goal is to help their patients discover freedom and experience the life they want. They do this through state-of-the art facilities (300,000 sq ft growing and productions space that produces 700 lbs of flower per week), a wide range of quality medical cannabis products from various brands, and private consultations and personalized support.

One thing that really stood out to me about LHS was the various brands they offer. Since Florida is a seed to sale state, they have brought in representatives from brands like Mary’s Medicinals, Papa’s Herb, Riff, Solei and Werc Shop to oversee their production process and create the product exactly like they would out west. This gives patients more options, and more strains, to try to find what works best. Their product offerings encompass capsules (including CBD only in various strengths as well as CBN only), oral solutions (including tinctures and breath spray), topicals (including a CBN:CBD option), transdermals, vaporizers (including disposable, regular screw in cartridges as well as PAX cartridges), distillates, concentrates, and my favorite, flower (actually in stock and available in pre-rolls as well). With all the options, it was easy to be overwhelmed, but Josh guided me through like a pro in about an hour.

I also love that LHS is environmentally conscious. Their flower is packed in biodegradable packaging that not only break down quickly as soon as they enter the landfill, but they are also recyclable. In some Liberty Health Sciences dispensaries, they have recycle bins suited for various types of packaging. These #LiveFree bins encourage patients to dispose of prescription pharmaceutical pill bottles as a sign of triumph over opioid reliance. These bins also offer an opportunity to recycle old medical cannabis packaging, no matter its source. All of this while still maintaining the integrity of the flower in mind. With many flower containers, moisture loss and terpene degradation is a common issue. With LHS’ containers, there is a secondary seal within the underside of the cap that allows for tighter control of oxygen ingress. These containers help ensure that the same flower they package at the production facility reaches patients, ensuring consistency in weight, freshness, and potency.

I purchased mostly flower, as this is my preference, and I have not been able to try it other places because it is always sold out. I’m excited to review the products and see how they make me feel.

Payment Accepted: Cash, CanPay, ATM Onsite 

Delivery: Free delivery anywhere in the state, usually within 48 hours. No minimum order.

Discount Program: $75 off your first visit (there are some products, like flower, that do not apply. 25% off for veterans and first responders, $15 sore credit on your birthday.

Rewards Program: 150 points is $12,50 off your next purchase, 600 points receive any product up to $50 free, 1000 points receive any product up to $90 free, 1250 points gets you $125 store credit.


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