How to Make Infused Jam with Kief

Kief is a very quick and easy way to cook with cannabis. Kief is the trichomes, or resign glands, that develop on the flower buds & sugar leaves of cannabis. You’ll hear me refer to it on buds as the “frosty goodness”. The trichomes are what contain all of the cannabinoids, terpenes & flavonoids that make each cannabis strain potent, unique & effective. When processing buds & plant material, some of the trichomes are knocked off, collected & packaged for your enjoyment. (You no longer have to wait for the bottom chamber of your grinder to fill up.) There are many ways to enjoy kief. The most popular is to smoke or vaporize it by adding it on top of a bowl, or mixed into a joint, to enhance the effects of flower. You can also use it to make edibles, which you know I did. I used the Tillamook Strawberry kief from Surterra to make an infused strawberry jam. Perfect for an elevated PB&J!

Making infused jam with kief was so simple, even easier than cannabutter. Here’s what you need:

✨1g of Kief
✨1 lb fresh strawberries rinsed & hulled
✨1.5 cups sugar
✨2 Tbs lemon juice
✨.5 tsp lemon zest

First, decarb the kief. Heat your oven to 240 degrees & spread the kief on a baking sheet. Pop it in the oven for 40 minutes, mixing & moving the kief halfway in. Your kief is now activated (THCA has been converted to THC) & you are ready to cook with it!

To make the jam, add strawberries to a saucepan & mix in the sugar well. Stir continually over medium heat.

Bring to a boil. Once boiling, add lemon juice & zest.

Boil for 15 minutes, or until the jam reaches 220F. Remove from heat.

After a few minutes, mix in the kief.

Transfer to a clean jar & let come to room temp. Seal with lid once cool & place in refrigerator.

The jam will keep for about 2 weeks. 1 g kief = 348 mg THC. This recipe makes about 20 oz of jam. 20 oz = 40 tablespoons. That means each tablespoon of jam will have about 8mg of THC.

I elevated my PB&J by adding infused strawberry jam, bananas, granola & honey.


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