Tolerance Breaks

If you consume marijuana (THC) regularly, you might notice it doesn’t provide the same euphoric effect it used to. You are likely consuming more & more product to achieve the same effect or benefits. This isn’t simply because you get used the euphoric feeling of THC. Instead, with regular consumption, the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) actually downregulates & desensitizes the CB1 receptors in our brain (CB1 receptors bind with THC to create an effect). Basically, our body shuts down some of the receptors & suppresses their response to THC. In a primal sense, your body is adapting to its new “normal” to keep you aware & safe.  It has been shown that frequent consumers of THC have about 20% less CB1 receptors than those who do not consume regularly. Good news though, CB1 receptors will begin to replenish themselves after 2 days & will continue to do so for 3-4 weeks.   

With a tolerance break, you stop consuming marijuana (THC rich products) for 2 days – 4 weeks. This gives your CB1 receptors a chance to come back in numbers & strength.  If removing all THC from your routine isn’t possible, you can also try micro-dosing.  Change your consumption pattern from larger quantities in 1 sitting to several smaller quantities throughout the day. As long as the overall amount is less, it will still help your CB1 receptors regenerate. 

At the end of the tolerance break, you will likely find that you need half the amount of THC (maybe even less) than you did previously to achieve the desired effect.  The longer the break, the lower the dose you should start with.  After a tolerance break, you will you get more out of your interactions with marijuana in a euphoric sense.  Another major benefit is you will need to buy less product, which lowers monthly medicinal costs. 

I practice short tolerance breaks weekly. While I use CBD products daily, I typically do not consume THC rich products Monday – Wednesday. I find this is the right balance for me & keeps my consumption level pretty steady. I’ve never gone longer than that without marijuana, & I do think I’d really want to. 

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