Storz & Bickel Crafty+ Review – Dry Flower Vape

During this pandemic (& really always), doctors suggest we stop or limit combustion. We have to keep our lungs as healthy as possible! If you are a joint lover like me, this is easier said than done. Enter: the dry flower vaporizer. While a dry flower vape is still inhalation, it is much safer for your lungs because you can control the temperature to which the plant material is heated. Instead of 900 degrees, dry flower vapes use convection or conduction to heat your flower to lower temps. There are a lot of options out there, all with their own pros & cons (see my previous post for 8 of the most recommended). I went with the Crafty+ from Storz + Bickel. The video goes more into detail, but here are the highlights.

I chose the Crafty+ because of its engineering & reputation. It isn’t sleek or stylish, but vapes from Storz + Bickel toped almost every list. They are also the makers of the famous Volcano. The Crafty+ is the smallest of their options. As a result, the battery is a bit smaller, lasting about 1 hour. I found if I’m using it daily, I have to charge it daily. It is very simple to use & there aren’t many bells & whistles (which also means less to clean & less that can go wrong over time). There is no digital display, but after some tinkering, I was able to connect to their web app, which allows you to set your exact temps. The draw/inhalation is easy, & the taste is like hitting a fresh bowl every time. I also really liked the dosing capsules that Storz offers. They are easy to fill & makes medicating on the run clean & easy.

Now let’s get to the high – it takes a little longer than combustion for the effect to kick in (about 5 mins), but once it does, the high is the same, if not better. Let’s be honest, this is the biggest factor you’ll consider when making the decision to reach for a joint or your dry flower vape. I find the effect is so close to the same, that I’m just as happy to use the dry flower vape as I am a joint, & that’s a big deal! Joints will still be for special occasions, but the Crafty+ will definitely be my go to for regular medicating. (This is not an ad! I’m a patient doing my research & sharing w/you!)


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