Cannabutter in the Crock Pot

I value my cannabutter so much that I wanted to curate the perfect video sharing how to make it, but perfection take time & why should you have to wait!? I find this method to be effective & easiest for me. Fancy video to come…

Step 1: Decarboxylation– Set your oven to 240 degrees. Use a oven thermometer to check your oven temp as the digital setting is often inaccurate. Break your cannabis into small pieces & spread evenly on a baking sheet. Put flower into the oven for 40 mins, stirring half way through. If you are using AVB (already vaped bud), you can skip this step as the flower has already been decarbed in the vape.

Step 2: Cut butter into pieces & add to slow cooker. Low – medium grade flower, I use 4 sticks of butter to 2 oz of bud. Medium – high grade flower, 5 sticks to 2 oz. High grade flower, 6 sticks to 2 oz. This gives me brownies that are about 50+mg each (made in a 9 x 13 pan). You can play with the potency of cannabutter by experimenting with the cannabis: butter ratio. With edibles made from a new batch of butter, start with a small piece until you know the full effect. It takes up to 2 hrs to fully kick in!

Step 3: Add 6 cups of water to your slow cooker.

Step 4: Add your decarbed bud, or AVB, to your slow cooker.

Step 5: Turn slow cooker on low, cover & cook for 6 hrs, stirring every 2 hrs. You want to achieve temps between 180F-190F. Use a candy thermometer to make sure you are in the desired range. You do not want temps lower than 160F, or higher than 212F.

Step 6: After 6 hrs, turn the slower cooker off & let cool. Find a big pot & place cheese cloth over top. Once the solution is cool to the touch, pour into the cheese cloth to separate plant matter from butter & water. Throw the plant matter away.

Step: 7: Place the pot in the refrigerator overnight, or until the butter hardens & separates from the water.

Step 8: Once butter has hardened, take it out of the pot. You can re-heat & melt the butter to pour into molds. I prefer to store the raw pieces in a Tupperware. It keeps about a month in the fridge, or 3+ months in the freezer. When I bake, I weigh the butter so I know how much to use: 113 g = 1/2 cup.

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