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Muv is a joint venture brand that is owned and operated by Plants of Ruskin & AltMed Enterprises. Plants of Ruskin has been a leader in agriculture in the state of Florida for nearly 100 years. AltMed Enterprises, also a Florida company, provides the pharmaceutical experience. Together, they power the Muv brand here in the sunshine state. The Muv brand originally launched in Arizona, where it has won five “Best of Arizona” awards for medical cannabis products, including multiple 1st prizes for its proprietary ethanol extractions. They deem themselves to be driven by research & development, and have received recognition for quality, consistency and safety. While their website refers to a lot of accolades, I was unable to find more detailed information about the claims.

The first thing I noticed on my way to Muv was the long trip there. I live near downtown Orlando, so it was quite the drive to Longwood. I was happy to hear they offer delivery, and even have a drive-thru window for express order pickups, or quick grab and go visits. When I arrived, I stepped into a front office/ waiting room and was greeted by a receptionist. I had to fill out a form with my name and general information, which I haven’t experienced at other dispensaries. Once I submitted the form, I sat down and listened for the bud tender to call my name. In the waiting room, they had a menu of their products, which I appreciated. This allowed me to plan my purchases and save some time on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The waiting room was clean, filled with a lot of natural light, and the decor was very neutral. It was separated from the main sales floor by a clear glass wall & door. I waited about 10 minutes before I was called into the main space.

The main space resembles an Apple store, or a cell phone store. It is bright, white and modern. There was no private room for one on one consultations, just a large open space. In the middle of the room, there are (3) rows of counters that display various product boxes in case you are a visual person. As my bud tender escorted me from the waiting room, she skipped over the counters and went straight to the computers/ cash registers. There, we reviewed the products they offer and what sets them apart.

One thing I love, is that they had sample containers of their available flower, allowing you to see and smell the product before purchase. Typically, sealed, packaged flower must stay that way (which I understand, I don’t want someone’s nose all over my medication). However, Muv has set aside samples so you can use all of your senses and experience the terpenes present in the flower. This is huge in choosing the strain that is right for you. As I’ve learned, your nose knows.

They carry a variety of products – topicals, vapes, gels, patches, ingestibles, concentrates, flower and even an inhaler. The inhaler is unique to Muv. It delivers concentrated medication in the form of an asthma inhaler. They also have a breath spray that I have not seen before. I was excited to try this product, but they were sold out.

Overall, my experience at Muv was very neutral. I enjoyed the space, and they did have most of the products in stock that I wanted, including flower. It is obvious they cater to the novice and more experienced cannabis community. They have a variety of high THC products, as well as many 1:1 options, and even a few CBD only choices. I purchased a variety of products that I’m excited to try. From a water-solvent tincutre, to a 1:1 trans-dermal patch, I look forward to testing everything out.

Payment Accepted: Cash, CanPay, ATM Onsite 

Delivery: Free delivery within 20 miles for purchases over $150. $20 delivery fee for orders under $150.

Express Pickup: Order online and pick up your products in the store. They also have a drive-thru window for quick pickups.

Discount Program: 25% off your first visit. 10% off every purchase for veterans and seniors. You can also obtain a Muv Loyalty Card from your doctor. Beyond 25% off of your first visit, you also get $75 off a purchase of $150 or more on your 2nd visit and a BOGO of your choice on the 3rd visit.

Referral Program: When you visit Muv, they will give you (3) referral cards with a unique code. When a new client brings in a card with your code you get 10% off, 2nd new client you get 15% off, 3rd new client you get 20% off. These discounts are the only discounts that are stackable.

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