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The first thing I noticed about Trulieve was the amount of cars in the parking lot. Seriously, there were at least 12-15 cars and not one empty space. Whenever I’ve gone to other dispensaries, parking is never an issue and there are maybe 2-3 patients inside. I was shocked to see so many people, and it made me that much more excited to check out what Trulieve has to offer.

When I entered, I walked into a waiting room. It is a huge space, and it looks a lot like a waiting room at a doctor’s office (just with nicer chairs). It is clean, featuring neutral colors of grey and tan, & overall, pretty nondescript. There is artwork/ framed posters as you walk in that emphasize Trulieve’s focus on relief, care and quality. As I approached the receptionist to check in, I noticed an armed guard standing behind the counter. I’ve seen this before in dispensaries in California, but not in Florida. However, it makes sense as only cash can be exchanged and this particular dispensary borders some rougher neighborhoods. It is a little unnerving at first, but overall I’m glad they take the necessary precautions to keep their patients safe. Once I was checked in, which was a quick and easy process, I entered the main space. Surprisingly, there wasn’t a wait and I was viewing products within minutes.

The main space is smaller than the waiting room, but this makes for a more intimate setting that isn’t as clinical. Again, the colors are neutral, but unlike the waiting room, there are splashes of bright green highlighting products, menus and Trulieve swag. There are counters bordering the space, making almost a “U” shape that surrounds patients as they walk in. I was very happy to see that one of the counters is lowed for patients in wheel chairs. The room was full (I found all the people!), but it didn’t feel crowded or overwhelming. It also wasn’t loud – hearing my bud tender (who was awesome) was not an issue. While privacy is not an option (you are practically shoulder to shoulder with other patients), I found this dispensary to be more private than others with large communal spaces. Voices didn’t echo, I couldn’t hear anyone on the other side of the room, and there was enough going on that it was obvious other patients were not focusing on me or my ailment.

It is quickly apparent that Trulieve caters to the more experienced cannabis consumer, or to patients who prefer a higher concentration of THC. I was very excited to see they have flower regularly in stock, and more strain options than I’ve seen elsewhere. They have flower deliveries every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so there will always be flower in the building. Yet, I was told you have to get there early on delivery days, or popular strains, like Sour Diesel, quickly sell out. (You are able to sign up for text notifications, alerting you when products are back in stock.) They also have a variety of concentrates, both in syringe form and pre-loaded cartridges. They have tinctures and capsules as well, some with a much higher mg of THC than others I’ve come across. The products that stood out as unique are their Delta-8 THC concentrates (vs the well known Delta-9 and especially helpful with nausea), as well as a nasal rescue spray that is meant to be used during an active seizure. They also have a topical 1:1 cream that has SPF 30.

Trulieve is different than the other dispensaries I’ve visited in that they keep it simple. There are no frills, expensive marketing/packaging, and they really seem to be focused on helping the patient as economically as possible. While I wish there was a bit more detail about where & how their flower is grown, or how their concentrates are extracted, their website does provide great information on their products. Under each item they have drop down menus that thoroughly explain the product, concentrations, instructions on how to use it, and some even go as far as breaking down the cost of that particular medication per month, based on a certain dose. They also have instructional videos of all of their products, as well as featured stories from patients that can attest to the power of cannabis. Trulieve’s care for the patient and person is obvious.

Overall, visiting Trulieve was a great experience. I purchased a variety of flower and concentrates. I’m excited to try them out over the next couple of weeks and report back!

Payment Accepted: Cash (ATM onsite), CanPay

Delivery & Express Pick Up: Delivery available, Online ordering for in-store pick up

Discount Program: New patients receive 15% off their 1st order, $75 off your 2nd order of $150 or more, 10% off for veterans, 10% off for snap card holders

Rewards Program: Trulievers is their loyalty program. Get 10% off every 500 points. This discount can be combined with a veteran & snap card discounts.



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