Baldor Cartridge by Fluent

Of all the products I tried from Fluent, this was one of my favorites. Baldor, more commonly known as Blue Dream, is a hybrid strain the leans more on the Sativa side. It is a cross of Blueberry (Indica) and Haze (Sativa). Blueberry is one of my favorites, so it’s not a surprise I enjoy this one as well!

Baldor, or Blue Dream, provides calming, body relaxation, but because it is a sativa dominant hybrid, your mind stays clear and becomes somewhat invigorated. The effects are very leveled with this strain. It delivers swift symptom relief because of the higher THC content, but without heavy, sedative effects. This makes the strain popular daytime medicine for patients treating pain, depression, and nausea. The taste is said to be sweet with notes of berry. While this cartridge did have a good flavor to it, it didn’t taste sweet or like berry to me.

The cartridge I purchased was the 300 mg size. It contains 30.6% THC, and only .19% CBD, so you do feel a euphoric effect. Each inhalation is about 1 mg of delivered medicine. I noticed I was able to use this during the day, but I had to be careful not to take too many inhales (2-3 at most) or the euphoric effect became too much to focus on emails or any one thing in particular. I was buzzing about the house productively, but my concentration and ability to focus was definitely effected.

One of the things I like most about this oil, is how smooth each inhale feels. I haven’t coughed once, or had a harsh feeling in my throat. This is probably because Fluent uses CO2 to create their extracts, rather than butane or other harsh chemicals. They also use MCT oil, which is similar to coconut oil, to create the cartridge.

Fluent shares in their information guide that this strain’s major terpenes are Alpha-Pinene and B-Myracene. Pinene is associated with alertness and focus. It is also reported to help with inflammation, memory problems, asthma, bacteria, viruses and tumors. B-Myracene has demonstrated sedative and motor relaxant effects.

Overall, I would go back for this oil again and recommend it to others. I enjoyed the stain, and the composition of the oil makes for an enjoyable vaping experience.

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