Elara 1:1 Cream by Fluent

This cream was a pleasant surprise! Upon opening it, I was greeted by a wiff of lavender. I love lavender, so I very much enjoyed it. I found it added a relaxing component to the product, which makes sense considering most ointments are massaged in to relieve muscle pain, arthritis, nerve damage, and inflammation from injury. This cream also has a smooth, almost silky viscosity to it. You do not need much, it spreads well, and it dries completely with no oily residue. My sales associate told me that a 2 oz jar lasted her 6-7 months.

I sprained my ankle badly about 3 months ago. I am still having issues with swelling and range of motion. I’ve been using the Elara cream on it, twice a day, for 14 days now. I have noticed that my ankles doesn’t ache as much, and the swelling does seem slightly better. The results are encouraging enough to continue using the product regularly.

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