Perla Black by Fluent

Perla is the only strain specific to & produced by Fluent. This means they created the strain, and it can only be purchased through them. Perla was bred specifically for its therapeutic levels of CBD and is valued for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It does contain 3% THC, but you will not feel euphoric effects because of the 80% CBD. With a 1:20+ ratio, the entourage effect will be in full force, but you will not get high. You can read more about how THC and CBD act when combined here.

Perla also contains the terpenes B-Myrcene and Trans-Caryophyllene. B-Mycrene has demonstrated sedative and motor relaxant effects. This is helpful in a CBD rich product, because CBD is often used to help relieve stress and anxiety without the euphoric effect. Trans-Caryophyllene has an affinity for the peripheral CB2 receptors, acting as an anti-inflammatory.

I purchased Perla Black, which means the oil is in a concentrated from. It is still in a cartridge, inhaled via the pen, but it is a higher potency then the regular oil cartridges. This means you only need 1 or 2 inhales to get your required dose vs 4 or 5. The oil also has a much thicker viscosity, closer to the consistency of wax. For this reason, I was instructed to store the cartridge standing up. If you store it laying down, the oil is thick enough to clog the mechanism, leaving you with a product you can no longer use (Fluent does not accept returns, just like a pharmacy would not return or exchange medicine.) You also have to set your pen to a higher heat setting to properly consume the concentrate.

I really enjoyed this concentrate. Like Fluent’s other concentrates and cartridges, the cannabinoids are extracted using CO2. This oil is very smooth and never caused me to cough. With a CBD dominant product, sometimes it can be hard to determine if it is working. It is important to note, it can take 4 days to 4 weeks of regular use to see effects from CBD. It is also important to keep a journal of your dose and how it made you feel, so you can determine what is working for you, and at what amount. For me, my disease and symptoms are under control at the moment. Rather, I wanted to find a CBD product to add to my regiment to see if I noticed any benefits. So far, I do feel like the CBD has helped a bit with my anxiety, which is a trigger for my Crohn’s. Before a particularly stressful meeting, I took a few inhales of the Perla Black and felt like it took the edge off. I also used this pen when I was feeling a little nauseous, just to see if I noticed any effect. It did settle my stomach slightly. Not as much as a THC rich product would, but it was a nice, more gentle option for a Tuesday morning.

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