Doma 1:3 Capsules by Fluent

As Fluent describes it, “This blend is here to keep you cool, calm and collected. Doma is the perfect blend for anyone looking to achieve a greater sense of calm throughout their day. With a 1:3 ratio of CBD to THC, Doma is an excellent option for individuals seeking a lighter, calmer cannabis experience with only moderate sedation.”

What’s special about this product, is that it is a combination of THC and CBD. When combining THC & CBD, it is important to understand how the cannabinoids act when they are together, as it is different than if they are consumed individually. You can read more about that here .

With this blend, you will still get all of the therapeutic effects of the THC and CBD, but the psychoactive effects of the THC will not be as strong. The dose of these capsules are 10 mg. Normally, when I consume 10 mg of cannabis (THC only) in edible form, I’m destined to be on the couch the rest of the night. I have to plan ahead, and know that I’m not going to venture out into the world. However, with these capsules, because of the blended CBD:THC ratio, I was able to take the capsule and still finish my chores around the house as well as get some emails done. I was able to medicate earlier in the day than I normally would, which is a nice option to have. I can’t tell you how many times I felt nauseous, but waited to consume my medicine because I needed to finish my work day. Now, I don’t have to make that choice, and can start feeling better right away.

Since this is a blended product, Fluent does not disclose the particular stains used. However, they do share that the main terpenes present are Alpha-Pinene and B-Myracene. Pinene is associated with alertness and focus. It is also reported to help with inflammation, memory problems, asthma, bacteria, viruses and tumors. B-Myracene has demonstrated sedative and motor relaxant effects.

Overall, I enjoyed these capsules. They helped me feel more comfortable and ultimately sleep, without putting me into a stupor. I slept well all night, and woke up only slightly groggy, which quickly dissipated. By 9am, I felt well rested and was ready to tackle the day after a breakfast I was actually hungry for.

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