1:1 Transdermal Patch by Muv

Before I got on a flight to Vegas to MJBiz, I applied Muv’s 72 hour transdermal patch to my ankle. Transdermal means that cannabinoids, in this case 1:1 CBD and THC, are actually delivered to the bloodstream vs sitting on top of the skin. This is done with an absorbing agent, in this case, ethanol (alcohol). The patches are applied to an area where your skin is thin and veiny, such as your ankle, wrist or lower back. Muv also suggests the upper arm or chest for the patch to stay put longer. It is also beneficial to place the patch close to the site of discomfort (if any) to also get localized, as well as systemic, dosing. The patch delivers a controlled .24mg per hour over a 72 hour period.

I chose to apply the patch to my ankle because I sprained it badly about 8 months ago. The injury still bothers me if I am on my feet a lot. I knew I’d be walking a ton in Vegas (accumulated 28 miles in 3 days!), and I was hopeful the patch would take the edge off. The patch only stayed on for 48 hours, but while it was on, I really did notice a difference. There wasn’t any type of euphoric effect, but my ankle didn’t bother me much. I was also brave and wore low heels most of the time. Friday, the day the patch fell off, my ankle was a little sore and I was aware of the injury more than I had been over the last couple of days. Granted, Friday was the last day of our trip, but I really do feel the patch was helpful. I will pick up more the next time I’m in Muv and continue to test it out! I’ve also been told these patches are great for that time of the month. 

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