Papa’s Herb Jack Frost by Liberty Health

Something that Liberty Health has done beautifully, is figure out a way to integrate different brands into their portfolio. This took thought, because Florida is a seed to sale state. Meaning, all dispensaries must run the entire process, from growing and extracting, to selling. As a result, dispensaries typically only sell their own brand of products, with some strain cross overs here and there. Not Liberty Health. They figured out a way to work within that to offer various brands, like Papa’s Herb.

Papa’s Herb is based out of California. Per their website, it’s an easy-going brand of bud, meaning that it isn’t that “high fashion, hoity-toity stuff that’s over-hyped and over-priced. It’s everyday weed…Papa’s always going to treat you right.” They even have a fun story as to who Papa Herb is (from Miami, like me!) and a cute narrative to go along with it. He sounds like someone I’d love to know.

This particular strain, Jack Frost is a hybrid and came in at 6.2% THC and <0.1% CBD. It is a Sativa dominant 65/35 blend. It is a combination of the stains Jack Herer, White Widow, North Lights #5, and maybe Rainbow Kashmiri. It’s said to provide an optimistic, energizing, lucid and giggly euphoric effect. I could not find the terpenes present, but there is definitely Pinene because it has a smokey pine taste. Pinene is associated with alertness and focus. It is also reported to help with inflammation, memory problems, asthma, bacteria, viruses and tumors.

I purchased 3.5 g (or 1/8th of an oz) for $25. (Right now, you can only buy flower in increments of 3.5 g.) I like that this strain has a lower dose of THC (6.2% vs 17-22%). As someone who prefers good ‘ole classic flower, it gives me options. Sometimes, you want the effects of THC to relax, or take the edge off unwanted pain, but you do not want to feel too euphoric. I’m someone who cannot produce quality work while using higher THC options. Therefore, this is a great “go to” for someone like me, or someone that is sensitive to THC, that might need to medicate early in the day, or during productive hours. For example, Jack Frost got me through hurricane preparations. I was calm, anxiety was decreased, but I was still able to get my to-do list done.

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