Blue Dream Pre Roll by Liberty Health

The more I experiment with the Blue Dream strain, the more and more I like it.  You can read more about the specifics of Blue Dream here.  It is commonly referred to as a hybrid that leans toward the Sativa side, but Liberty Health has it labeled as a full Sativa.  The batch I consumed was 17.5% THC and <.1% CBD.  The pre-roll was pretty hefty compared to the joints I pack.  It weighed in at 1g.  It was rolled in white papers with a filter.  I’m curious what kind of paper they use as I’m kind of picky about this detail.  If I’m inhaling something, I want it to be as clean and natural as possible.  I typically opt for Raw’s pre rolled cones. (Raw’s  paper is made of unbleached, natural fibers with no added chalk or dyes.  Raw also uses a water-based gum vs a chemical glue to adhere their cones together.)

I bought 2 of these pre rolls and the price was reasonable.  At Liberty, it does cost more to buy your flower in pre rolls vs loose, but you are paying for convenience.  It is nice that no preparation is required prior to consumption.  I took one on a hike with me, and it was the perfect boost.  It gave me energy to complete the trail, and didn’t weigh me down like an Indica and other hybrids can.  I also noticed this strain makes me super talkative.  My husband wondered what got into me.  I replied with a big smile and an easy “Blue Dream”.  The best part, because it is more of a hybrid, you don’t feel like you drank 3 cups of coffee.  It is a mellow Sativa high, with just enough uph for me as someone who is sensitive to stimulants.

The only negative about these pre rolls is how they burned.  Both joints burned very unevenly.  I thought the first time was a fluke, as it can happen.  Yet, it burned the exact same way with the 2nd joint.  This means that some of the flower was not smoked, or I had to take drastic measure to make sure flower wasn’t lost or wasted.

Overall, I highly recommend this strain.  Liberty typically has it in stock and it is definitely becoming one of my new “go to” stains.  With free delivery anywhere in the state, Liberty also makes it very easy to obtain without lapses in inventory.