Ebony & Ivory by One Plant

I was excited to see a Sativa dominant hybrid during my trip to One Plant. I’ve always reached for indicas, but lately, I find myself drawn to Sativas for a little extra boost. I purchased an 1/8th, or 3.5g, for $42. Ebony & Ivory is a strain created by Swamp Boy Seeds. It is a cross of The White and Nigerian (hence, the name). The buds of this organically grown flower are medium sized & covered in trichomes (that frosty goodness). Upon opening the jar, I was hit with an earthy, nutty aroma.

Ebony & Ivory is not a particularly terpene-rich strain, but it does contain myrcene, pinene & caryophyllene. Myrcene gives the strain its earthiness. It also enhances the psychoactive effects of THC, & has relaxing & anti-inflammatory properties. Pinene, known for its earthy pine scent, is a strong bronchodilator, & also has anti-inflammatory & antiseptic effects. Finally, caryophyllene has a spicy aroma & unlike other terpenes, has the ability to bind and interact with CB2 receptors, making it potentially capable of treating anxiety & depression. It is also said to possibly help with symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.

In regards to cannabinoids, we will have to settle for the THC and CBD content only, but I was told One Plant will be releasing a full cannabinoid profile for their cultivars very soon. This particular batch was 20.43% THC and .04% CBD. Due to the higher THC content of this strain & the terpenes present, it hits hard.

Upon inhaling Ebony & Ivory, even a small amount, a euphoric effect is immediately felt. It quickly awakens the mind, causing heightened focus & creativity. As a result, it is said to help treat ADD or ADHD. In contrast, this strain also gives you a relaxing body effect. It is not sedating, it doesn’t make you tired, but you do feel a calmness wash over your body. Due to the high potency, new patients should use this strain with moderation.

The somewhat contradicting effects of this strain make it a great option for certain situations. I found it was best consumed in the evening when I wanted to relax, but had a creative project to work on, or I wanted to catch up on my favorite show without falling asleep. One night I had girlfriends over to catch up, and after a few inhalations of Ebony & Ivory, I was suggesting an arts and crafts project. I promptly pulled out my adult coloring books and excitedly focused in!

As I explore the world of Sativas more, I’m excited I found this one. Since it is a Sativa dominate hybrid, I’m still within my comfort zone of a relaxing euphoric effect, while experiencing a different head space of inspiration and creativity.

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