CBD Sublingual Tincture by Muv

This CBD product is different than others I’ve tried in the past, as it is a tincture. Tincture means the extracted CBD is added to an alcohol base vs an oil base. (Raw CBD is very thick & sticky and typically needs to be added to a base, making it easier to consume, and for our bodies to break down.) Usually, tinctures also include additional ingredients, such as flavoring agents and essential oils. This particular product contains 300 mg of CBD as well as vegetable glycerin, ethanol, medium chain triglycerides, water, sunflower oil, oleic acid, natural terpenes and Quillaja Saponaria Extract (soapbark tree). Upon further research, all of these ingredients either help your body break down and process the CBD, or have health benefits of their own. They also give the tincture a peppermint flavor. I found the minty flavor somewhat overwhelming (think mouth wash), but at least it doesn’t taste like oily lawn clippings.

For this tincture, a full dropper is 10 mg of CBD. This is the dose I started with and maintained as I tested the product. The appropriate CBD dose for each person can vary depending on a number of factors such as severity of condition, purpose of use, body weight and method of consumption. If you are unsure where to start, it is best to start low, and gradually increase your dose. The dosing, effect, and duration of a tincture is similar to that of CBD oils.

One thing to note, when consuming CBD sublingually (under the tongue), a tincture is the best option. The alcohol base of a tincture increases the absorption rate of the CBD into the body. This means as you hold it under your tongue for 10-20 seconds, more CBD is likely absorbed. Side note: with sublingual consumption, CBD has a bioavailability rate of about 12-35%. Bioavailability determines how much of what you took is actually present in your body to provide a healing effect. For example, if I placed 10 mg of the CBD tincture under my tongue, about 3.5 mg of CBD actually reached my bloodstream.

While sublingual is one way to consume CBD tinctures, I prefer to add them to my food or beverages. While the bioavailability is less (only 4-20%), I take enough supplements each day that I do not want to add sublingual drops to the routine. A nice benefit of this tincture, unlike a CBD oil, is that it is water soluble. This means the tincture can be added to your morning coffee, or any beverage, and it will mix in well. I added it to my daily cup of tea as I thought it would be an easy way to get into the habit of taking CBD regularly. Luckily, my tea already has peppermint flavor, so it was only enhanced by the tincture. (Next time I’m at Muv, I will pick up a tincture that is not flavored and likely save this one for occasional sublingual use.) My tea was easy to sip and enjoy throughout the morning. One thing I did notice the first time I tried the tincture, was my mouth was very dry for the duration of the day. However, this subsided after the first use.

Overall, I really enjoyed this tincture. I noticed its effects the most during a particularly stressful week. I had a lot to get done for work and was feeling overwhelmed. About an hour after I consumed my CBD infused tea, I noticed I was calmer. It was a subtle shift, but as I thought of things I needed to get done, my heart and mind didn’t race. It was a very welcome difference from earlier that morning.

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